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       NTL Share Taxi is the leading share taxi service in Chennai. Share Taxi service which is also known as shared cabs, taxi pooling or car pool is the service in which commuters traveling on the same route share a cab. Through this service, time is saved, money is saved and Earth is saved by less carbon emission. Let us make a greener Chennai by availing NTL Share Taxi

       NTL Share Taxi Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Chennai in May 2013 to provide taxi pooling service for students and office goers in the city of Chennai. Taxi pooling is when two or more people share a taxi and travel together.The service is designed to bring people together in a green network, where they share rides with each other and thereby reduce congestion and pollution in the city.NTL Share Taxi aims for a greener Chennai by building a community of people who feel good about contributing towards reducing carbon footprint.

NTL Share Taxi Pvt.Ltd, is one of the companies which is jointly managed by the promoters of New Travel Liines (India) Pvt. Ltd., the leading travel service provider in the country. Since inception in 2005, we have established an enviable reputation throughout the industry with our determination to deliver consistently punctual, customized, courteous and economical service.

Our Speciality: Safety of Kids

1. NTL Share Taxi drivers are equipped with GPS device/ phone.
2. Specially designed mobile APPLICATION (APP) will be provided to parents at free of cost.
3. Parents will be notified 5 mins before the arrival of vehicle at door step.
4. Parents will be notified once their kid is safely dropped at school.
5. Parents will be notified once they have started from the school.
6. Parents will be notified once their kid is safely reached home.
7. Parents who are working at office can have a "WORRY FREE" hours. Travelling status of their kids will be informed through APP regularly.

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